Thanksgiving or Burst

Thanksgiving is traditionally a holiday where family and friends come together so you can eat until you burst at the seams.  It’s my worst nightmare! The thought of gorging myself with no regard to calories is uncomfortable and to make matters worst I’m hosting the festivities…this sets off a domino effect of problems.

Problem #1:  The vegetarian is cooking the turkey. Be afraid people!

Solution: YouTube to the rescue, hopefully I can figure out what to do with the 18 lb turkey that I have thawing in the fridge.

Problem #2:  My family is the definition of crazy and now they are all going to be in my house.  Be afraid people!

Solution:  Beer, food, and football, hopefully that will keep the animals at bay and the noise to a manageable level.

Problem #3:  To fit a run in I have to get up at 5 am.  Be afraid people!

Solution:  COFFEE, hopefully that will power me through day.

Problem #4:  Thanksgiving is the anti-healthy holiday.  Half of my guests are overweight, have heart conditions, or some form of diabetes.  Be afraid people!

Solution:  Pinterest don’t fail me now, hopefully I can swap out a few old favorites for healthier options so that I don’t send anyone into cardiac arrest.

Problem #5:  I’m a recovering anorexic, Thanksgiving is exceptionally hard for me.  Don’t be afraid…I got this!

Solution: When in doubt RUN it out!  I was once given advice to acknowledge my fears and face them head on. Thanksgiving brings up a ton of anxiety and stress for me.  This year I am going to start the day with a run to clear and focus my head.  Running brings me to a place of peace and allows me to have a healthier relationship with food.  No, this is not a perfect solution…but if you have read the solutions above, none of them are.  Regardless tomorrow will be an adventure!

Gobble-Gobble…have a great day everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive


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