Noodleini 15k 2015 – Recap

Brr…in WI one come’s to expect cooler temperatures in November, but all bets are off when it comes to snow.  So to say that I was happy to see the forecast predicting sunny, clear skies for race say is an understatement.  The plan was to wake up early and head into Green Bay so that my friend could register (I had done so a few days earlier) and meet up with a few co-workers who were also planning on running.  With daylight savings hitting the mornings are quite dark.  I dressed in as many layers as I could find and headed out to meet my running partner. I looked like the State Puff Marshmallow, but I was warm!

My running partner and I  happen to be co-workers and run the same pace, so I was looking forward to catching up with her and gossiping about all the latest happenings at the high school we both teach at.  Eventually the sun began come up and the frost burned off.  The day was a brisk 20 degrees with is actually quite comfortable if you plan ahead and wear enough clothing.  Becky was able to register while I picked up my packet and we easily had enough time to chat with other friends who running too.

The fact that the sun was shining helped to make for an enjoyable experience. The 15k started at 8am with the 5k following a few minutes later.  We were able to stay in doors right up to the start and had a short walk to the start line located next to the high school.  After listening to the National Anthem and directions the race began.  Becky and I were off starting in the middle of the pack.  The group was polite and laid back, no pushing or shoving trying to get out fast.  The course had a few gentle rolling hills and beautiful scenery to include the Fox River.  The miles zipped by as Becky and I chatted.  Volunteers were amazing at the aid stations which were placed approximately 2 miles apart.  It was a nice touch to have your name announced as you crossed the finish line.  

To my surprise we finished with a nice time.  (I had expected much slower splits with my last few inconsistent weeks of running).  There was water and Gatorade at the finish, plus lots of food in the cafeteria once we returned to the school.  Awards were prompt and plentiful.  It was great to see the crowd cheer for each runner as they came up to accept their trophy.

All in all this was a great event!  I may be bias because my company was AMAZING and I always jump at a chance to hang out with Becky, but I will be back next year for sure!  Today reignited my passion for racing…time to check and see if there are a few more events that I can squeeze in before 2015 comes to a close.

*This is an event to raise funds for a local high school sports program and managed by both volunteers & the DuTriRun company.

Noodleini 15k  – November 29, 2015


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