Power Posing, Mantras, & Running

If you have never heard of Amy Cuddy  you need to check her out!  In her ground breaking research she discusses the power of body language and how it affects the way others see you, but more importantly how we see ourselves.  Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” can impact hormone levels therefore affecting the brain and may aid in our future success in life.  This pretty powerful stuff!

My logical brain takes pretty much takes every piece of new knowledge I acquire and tries to translate into something that I can use in my everyday life, which frankly includes a lot of running.  Which got me to thinking about this concept of power posing and mantras.  At some point in time we are all going to struggle.  It is in the those moments we often need  a push to keep moving forward.  Easier said than done!

Life throws disappointments at us constantly.  I have hit the wall countless times in training and found myself also during numerous races wanting to quit.  I have long since had a mantra that I repeat to myself while running.  “An ordinary life does not interest me.”  When I say this to myself I am reminded that I don’t want to be like everyone else, I want to forge my own path…even if it is a tough one.

This mantra has also served me well in non-running instances that pop up.  I’m a tough old broad who has seen my fair share of rough times, but my skin is not as thick as many would be lead to believe.  It is hurtful when individuals question your kindness as being anything but truly authentic.  Weirdly this comes up a lot for me. I pull out my mantra to combat the negative in my head before I allow the feelings to bruise my heart but sometimes it is not enough.

Superwomen Amy Cuddy to the rescue.  Instead of simply trying to override the thoughts in my head with words maybe a little movement is in order as well.  When the going gets tough, the tough start posing…power posing that is!  2016 is upon us and it is time to put my New Year’s Resolution of “paying it forward” into action, but to do so I need to put my best foot forward and plan to do so by adding in a little power posing with my mantra practice.  So if you see me at the start of a race with my hands on my hips talking to myself…I may look a little strange, but come join me.  And in the words of Madonna – Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive


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