Icebreaker Indoor Relay 2016 – Recap

File_000 (5)I have done a few relay events in my day and one thing I have come to know is that you are going to have fun if you run with friends…no matter where you are!  In the case of this Saturday the relay event was held indoors (in Wisconsin all bets are off for good weather in the middle of winter) around a 440  meter track.  The Pettit Center is famous for being the training grounds for world class skaters, but this weekend it was all about running as hundreds of individuals from all over the US converged on Milwaukee.  With only 3 lanes available participation for the Icebreaker Indoor events (5k, 1/2 marathon, Relay Marathon, Solo Marathon) was limited and spread over 3 days.

Which brings me to my participation in the weekend…I had heard through the Oiselle Volee grapevine that birds had flocked to Milwaukee in the past to run as a team.  Not to repeat myself but if you have never done a relay running event you are missing out, they are so much FUN!  I jumped at the chance to hang out with fellow birds.  A huge thank you goes out the Sheila Wordell for organizing 24 ladies onto 6 teams!  We converged on the Pettit like no other group and brought the heat as well.  When all was said and done 2 of our 6 teams made the podium…not only are these women the kindest, most beautiful runners on the planet (IMHO), but also FAST!

Being that we had to complete 96 laps our Oiselle teams adopted a pretty basic strategy…2 laps each per set.  Timing was done old school with ankle monitors (think Lindsey Lohan style).  At 1st the “hand off” or switching of the bracelet was a challenge but teams picked it up and began to move with stealth-like efficiency.  Food, Nuun, and laughter was in abundant supply all day as we tacked on the laps.  Before you knew it the day was over and all the birds took to the track for a final lap to cap off the day.

The party continued as many headed to Maxie’s for a team dinner  to end a wonderful day of running and friendship.  Shortly following dinner the group texts began flooding in and the sentiment was all the same…next year’s event cannot come soon enough! What a great way to start out the year!  #WomenUp2016

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive


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