Pressure to be “Perfect”

With the holidays looming a weird pressure has developed inside me, a drive for perfection that woke old feelings of  inadequacy.  I’ve been here before, self-doubt creeps in slowly at first but unchecked will consume every waking thought. Recovery has never been a straight line for me and I have learned to accept that fact,... Continue Reading →

Just eat another cookie…

I've heard this often over the past few weeks..."Enjoy. Just eat another can run it off later."  If only it were that easy! For starters I cannot just pop a cookie in my mouth and not stress about the calories that it contains and what it would take to "burn" it off.    Mentioning... Continue Reading →

Running is ALWAYS the ANSWER

It is amazing what happens when one witnesses love  and kindness.  Times are tough, the world feels like it is dissolving in chaos, but  there are individuals that prove the human spirit is alive and well.  Sometimes it takes one stepping back to see it, but love is everywhere.  The gestures may not be grand,... Continue Reading →

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