Set Point, Its Not a Tennis Reference

I've been kicking around the idea of posting about the set point theory.  It is a body of research that I was introduced to me while I was working with a therapist during the height of my eating disorder in college. I later learned more about this concept while completing my psychology undergrad at UWGB. ... Continue Reading →

My 1st Marathon – One & Done

It's hard to believe that almost 9 years ago I ran my very 1st marathon - Cellcom Green Bay Marathon! A lot has changed in 9 years to say the least.  Life has gotten more complicated and for a period of time running fell on the back burner for me.  Between 2007 and 2014 I... Continue Reading →

Power Posing, Mantras, & Running

If you have never heard of Amy Cuddy  you need to check her out!  In her ground breaking research she discusses the power of body language and how it affects the way others see you, but more importantly how we see ourselves.  Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” can impact hormone levels therefore affecting the... Continue Reading →

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